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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cathryn Curley

I'm very sad to report the death of Cathryn Curley, a battered women's movement leader in Duluth. Cathryn was an early supporter of "Power and Control" and has been on our board of advisors. Cathryn's responsiveness, openness and generosity was a key element in moving the project forward. Cathryn was one of the founders of Safe Haven Shelter 30 years ago and remained involved with the shelter, most recently leading the opening of a new family justice center in Duluth.

Cathryn was extremely interested in finding new ways to help victims of domestic violence, and was enthusiastic about exploring an approach called surrogate dialog. She had worked to initiate surrogate dialog's in Duluth, and invited us to film one of the sessions. The sessions involve a victim of domestic violence engaging in a dialog with a batterer (not her own).

I'm so sorry to hear about Cathryn's sudden illness and passing and extend my condolences to her daughters, Abby and Liza.

The local paper ran an obituary article yesterday.

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