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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Paterson Case

The Paterson scandal somehow makes me feel very sad. Paterson has always struck me as a bright man, operating way over his head, who stumbled into something he probably would rather avoid. What an idiotic blunder to obstruct justice by intervening in an alleged domestic assault. He can't claim he didn't know any better: Paterson has been known for being out front on domestic violence issues.

It blows the mind to think that the Paterson case comes right on the heels of the Hiram Monserrate fiasco, in which a New York State Senator was kicked out of the legislature following his conviction for a domestic assault misdemeanor. It was during the debate in Albany around the Monserrate expulsion that legislators were actually quoted discussing the role of power and control in relationships with abusers.

All this comes at a crucial juncture for the making of the documentary, "Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America." In fact, we finish the project tomorrow, after almost three years of work. We're wrapping up the main feature (64 mins), the "educational" version (50 mins), as well as a special film for law enforcement and another special film for doctors, nurses and others in the health system.

We're waiting to figure out where the film is going to be shown for the first time. For obvious reasons, I'm hoping the premiere will be in New York.