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Friday, March 13, 2009

Immigrants and Domestic Violence

The plight of immigrant women -- and particularly undocumented immigrant women -- who are victims of domestic violence is a critically important aspect of domestic violence in America. The huge influx of immigrants in recent decades has transformed many communities and brought to this country many women who are particularly vulnerable. The issue is made even more complex by different cultural traditions, including those where domestic violence is condoned.

We devoted yesterday to adding a major new immigrant character to our growing rough cut -- the important story of Ynocensia, an undocumented woman from Mexico who fled her husband (and a lifetime of abuse) and came to New York. A few months later, her husband showed up at her door, and the cycle continued. The story has a happy ending: the family eventually called the police, who intervened effectively. An order of protection ultimately protected Ynocensia from her husband. Now, tYnocensia has a work permit and is waiting for permanent residency -- with the help of Sanctuary for Families, she has applied for (and waits for), a U-Visa.

Thavi has been cutting away, and has made a major breakthrough with a strong new 20-minute version of the film. We'll be adding the Ynocensia footage over the weekend. Thavi, poor guy, has valiantly has moved on with his life, following his near miss at winning an Oscar for Best Documentary for his film, "The Betrayal." He vows to be back at the Academy within two years.

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