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Friday, February 13, 2009

Family Justice Center in Duluth

Family Justice Centers offer a powerful service to victims of domestic violence. Under a single roof: lawyers, police, advocates and other services. While shooting the film, we spent a good deal of time in Brooklyn Family Justice center and also covered the opening of the Queens Family Justice Center, including a moving speech by Michael Bloomberg.

A Family Justice Center opened last month in Duluth, MN. Congratulations to Cathryn Curley, of the Safe Haven Shelter, whom we spoke to and spent time with in Duluth. Duluth has been ahead of the nation in just about everything else, so it's fitting that there also be a justice center there.

Nadine Meyer, an articulate and open DV survivor, has been helping get out the word about the FJC. She's interviewed in an article about the Center in the Duluth News Trib.

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