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Friday, January 9, 2009

Production Update

A busy week working on the film. Yesterday we had a shoot in Duluth. Camera man Dominic Howes drove up from Minneapolis to shoot a men's group meeting at the Duluth Absue Intervention Project. Dominic also interview two members of the group. Scott Miller of the DAIP co-facilitated the group and coordinated the shoot.

In the meantime, Thavisouk Phravath (Thavi) is working on our trailer and has also started cutting interview excerpts which we plan to post on our web site. Thavi, by the way, is a big deal. His film, "Nerakhoon--The Betrayal" has been nominated for a Spirit Award and is also on the short list for an Academy Award. I think he is going to win both.

Zoe and Mik are working on the film web site. We hope to launch in about two weeks.

1 comment:

  1. This film looks very exciting! I hope I will be somewhere so I can see it!

    Congrats all, and thank you for such an awesome job from what I have seen!